The District!

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Nyócker! (movie poster).jpg
Directed byÁron Gauder
Produced byErik Novák
Music byErik Novák
Release date
  • 9 December 2004 (2004-12-09)
Running time
87 minutes
Budget525,000 USD

The District! (Hungarian: Nyócker!) is a 2004 Hungarian caricaturistic animated film directed by Áron Gauder. Its original title is a shortened colloquial form of nyolcadik kerület, the eighth district of Budapest, also known as Józsefváros, including an infamous neighbourhood where the film takes place.

It has been distributed in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, United Kingdom, France, the Benelux countries, Romania, Poland, Portugal and Taiwan, and it is going[when?] to be shown in the United States.

It was also shown at film festivals in Helsinki, Toronto, Copenhagen, Zagreb, Karlovy Vary and the below venues and it will be shown in Warsaw, Vancouver and São Paulo.


The film displays the Hungarian, Roma, Chinese and Arab dwellers and their alliances and conflicts in a humorous way, embedded into a fictive story of a few schoolchildren's oil-making time-travel and a Romeo and Juliet-type love of a Roma guy towards a white girl.

Cast and crew[edit]

Directed by
Áron Gauder
Máriusz Bari
Viktor Nagy
Erik Novák
László Jakab Orsós
Produced by
Erik Novák
Original Music by
Erik Novák
voice actor face actor character notes
L.L. Junior Krisztián Rostás Ricsi Lakatos Main character, Roma kid
László Szacsvay József Németh Guszti Lakatos Ricsi's grandfather
Károly Gesztesi László Jakab Orsós Lóránt "Lóri" Lakatos Pub owner, Ricsi's father
Győző Szabó Károly "Karesz" Csorba Nightclub owner, Lóri's rival
Gábor Csőre Kristóf Novák Simon "Simi" Csorba Karesz's son, Ricsi's rival
? Chen Chinese kid
Andrea Roatis Kriszti Szénási Julika Csorba Karesz's daughter, Ricsi's love interest
Dorka Gryllus Fanny Volcsánszky Mari Lakatos Ricsi's sister, Simon's love interest
Judit Jónás Rózi Lakatos Gypsy fortune teller, Guszti's wife and head of the family
István Betz Erno Báder Sandokan Kolompár Ricsi's fearless friend
András Faragó István Nagy Kolompár Sandokan's father
Zoltán Rajkai Gyula Horváth Abdul Arab kid
Csaba Krisztián Csík András Molnár Omar Abdul's father
Barnabás Szabó Sipos Zsolt Lengyel Dr. Zsírvágó Jewish gynecologist and plastic surgeon. The name literally means "fat-cutting doctor"
Balázs Simonyi Máriusz Bari Móricka Geeky, genius kid, Zsírvágó's son
Sándor Badár Badár Policeman
János Horváth János Horváth Vizy Policeman
Csaba Pindroch Béluska "Bélus" Vizy's son
Anna Orosz Éva Járvás Ági néni Teacher
Andrea Fullajtár Zsuzsa Kocsis Irina
Nóra Parti Renáta Kósa Anett
Éva Dögei Veronika Gróf Isaura
Mike Kelly Simon József Steve CIA agent


Date Award Festival Location Link obs
2004-12 Best Visual Expression Magyar Filmszemle Hungary [1]
2005-06-11 Cristal for best feature Annecy International Animated Film Festival Annecy, France [2] ^
2005-08-19 Grand Prize Seoul International Cartoon and Animation Festival Seoul, South Korea [3]
2005-09-25 Mercury Filmworks Grand Prize For Animated Feature Ottawa International Animation Festival Ottawa, Ontario, Canada [4] ^
2005-09-28 Best Animated Feature KROK International Animated Films Festival Russia [5] ^
2005-10-13 Best Animated Film Festival de Cine de Sitges Sitges, Spain [6]
2005 Cross of Merit of the Republic of Hungary Hungary [7][permanent dead link] ^
2005 Best Hungarian Feature; Kecskemét City Award KAFF (Kecskemét Animation Film Festival) Kecskemét, Hungary [8]
2005 Golden Zagreb award Animafest Zagreb Zagreb, Croatia
2006 Best Feature Anima Spain
2006 Best Feature CUFF 2006 (Calgary Underground Film Festival) Zagreb, Canada [9]
2006 Best feature; Audience Award Anima (film festival) Belgium
2007 Lisbon City Prize Monstra Festival Lisbon, Portugal


  • ^Note a : The panel was shocked at the technological modernity of the film and at learning that it was only made from 105 million HUF (525,000 USD).
  • ^Note b : "For its visual innovation, energetic style, and fearless satire of contemporary culture and politics"
  • ^Note c : On the board Princess of Dneper — out of 130 films from 36 countries of the world.
  • ^Note d : Awarded to Director Aron Gauder


The film has been presented in several film festivals across the world, including:

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