The Divine Gift

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The Divine Gift
Directed by Thomas Bentley
Written by Kenelm Foss
Starring Joyce Dearsley
Ernest Hendrie
Henrietta Watson
Distributed by Phillips Film Company
Release date
August 1918
Country United Kingdom
Language English

The Divine Gift is a 1918 British silent drama film directed by Thomas Bentley and starring Joyce Dearsley, Ernest Hendrie and Henrietta Watson. It was made at Bushey Studios.


  • Joyce Dearsley as The Shopgirl
  • Ernest Hendrie as The Professor
  • Henrietta Watson as The Hostess
  • Madge Saunders as The Mother
  • Muriel Dole as Katharine
  • F. Pope-Stamper as Tristan
  • Wanda Redford as Iseult
  • Micheline Poteus as Prehistoric Woman


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