The Doctor Who 25th Anniversary Album

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The Doctor Who 25th Anniversary Album
Doctor Who 25 Anniversary album.jpg
Compilation album
Released November 1988
Genre Soundtrack
Length 44:01
Label BBC Records and Tapes
Producer John Nathan-Turner
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The Doctor Who 25th Anniversary Album
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The Doctor Who 25th Anniversary Album is a 1988 compilation album of music from Doctor Who. Mainly consisting of selections of Keff McCulloch's incidental music, it also included versions of the Doctor Who theme by Delia Derbyshire, Peter Howell, Dominic Glynn and McCulloch. It was subsequently reissued in 1997 as Evolution - The Music From Dr Who on Prestige Records. However, this issue was mastered at the wrong speed, the whole album playing much too fast. It was also reissued as Music from Doctor Who by Castle Pulse in July 2002.

Track listing[edit]

Track # Artist Track name Stories used in
1 Delia Derbyshire
(TARDIS sound by Brian Hodgson)
"TARDIS - Dr. Who" 1972 stereo single version
2 Keff McCulloch "Dr. Who" Various
3 "Gavrok's Search" Delta and the Bannermen
4 "A Child's Return" Remembrance of the Daleks
5 "Towers el Paradiso" Paradise Towers
6 "Burton's Escape" Delta and the Bannerman
7 "Drinksmat Dawning" Paradise Towers
8 "Future Pleasure" Time and the Rani
9 "Newsreel Past" Paradise Towers
10 "The Sting" Delta and the Bannermen
11 Peter Howell "Dr. Who (1980)" Various
12 Dominic Glynn "Dr. Who" The Trial of a Time Lord
13 Keff McCulloch 8891 Royale Trailer for the 1988 season
14 "The White Flag" Delta and the Bannermen
15 "Guards of Silence" Paradise Towers
16 "The Making of Pex"
17 "Cemetery Chase" Remembrance of the Daleks
18 "The Brain" Time and the Rani
19 "Here's to the Future"
(featuring the Lorells)
Delta and the Bannermen
20 "Goodbye Doctor" Paradise Towers
21 "Dr. Who" Various

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