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The Doggs were a popular music group active in England in late 1964 and 1965, based in Southeast London. Their sound combined Merseybeat with a heavy influence from The Animals. Although not known for recording success, their songs and performances drew some notice.

The Doggs' songs included "Get That Someone", "Going Back to My Home", the brief "My Mouth", and "Twist and Shout" (inspired by, but different from, the song of the same title recorded by The Beatles and others). What set their vocals apart were the frequent use of "ruff, ruff" dog sounds during verses and choruses. Despite a few scattered attempts, the group failed to gain enough traction to participate in the British Invasion and soon disappeared.

The group is unrelated to the 1990s and also unrelated to da famous D.O.G.G.S. from 0342 rapper Snoop Dogg.