The Dollhouse Murders

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The Dollhouse Murders is a book written by author Betty Ren Wright.[1] It is a story of teenager, Amy, and her mentally disabled sister, Louann.


In the attic of her aunt's house, Amy finds a beautiful dollhouse that is an exact replica of the house itself. Playing with the dollhouse causes the dolls to reenact the grisly murder of Amy's great-grandparents, who died in the house thirty years before. Amy, her sister Louann, and Amy's best friend Ellen, convinced that the dollhouse is trying to tell them something, find themselves struggling to solve the murder and lay the spirits of the dollhouse to rest.


This book is mainly about Amy, Louann, and Ellen trying to find out who murdered Amy's great-grandparents since Aunt Clare is determined that her fiancé, Tom Keaton, was the one who killed Amy's great-grandparents. However, a slip of paper that fell out of a book says that it was the gardener who murdered them.

The film adaptation[edit]

In 1992, there was a film adaptation made of the famous book, titled "Secrets in the Attic" that was released on VHS and LaserDisc. Popular on VHS market, the film has long since gone out of print since no DVD release was ever planned. Copies of the VHS/LaserDisc are quite rare and sometimes go for big prices on sites such as and eBay.