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The Doon School Weekly
The Doon School Weekly.jpg
Type Weekly student newspaper
Format Compact
Owner(s) The Doon School
Publisher Indian Public Schools' Society
Founded 1936 by Arthur Foot
Political alignment None
Language English
Headquarters The Doon School
Circulation c. 1300
OCLC number 224047237

The Doon School Weekly is a student newspaper produced by and for students of The Doon School. The Doon School Weekly is owned by Indian Public Schools' Society, which is the governing society of The Doon School. It is the flagship publication of the school. The newspaper's constitution grants it editorial independence.[1] Articles are written on any topic, and may range from reports on intramural activities to student opinions on current affairs and matters outside the campus. There are comment articles on current affairs, reports on school trips, society meetings and concerts amongst other things, as well as the results of school matches.

Its sister publications at the school are The Doon School Information Review, The Circle, and The Yearbook.


The Doon School Weekly was established in 1936, a year after school's founding in 1935, by Arthur Foot. The Weekly is the school's oldest publication.[2] Over its 80-year history, The Doon School Weekly has had a number of student contributors who went on to become authors, politicians and journalists. The list includes Man Booker prize nominee Amitav Ghosh (class of 1972); playwright, poet and novelist Vikram Seth (class of 1970); a number of staff writers for The Times of India newspaper such as Swaminathan Aiyar and veteran editor B G Verghese, including broadcaster Karan Thapar (class of 1971), historian Ramchandra Guha (class of 1973), and politician Mani Shankar Aiyar (class of 1967); and Hindi language writer Vishvjit Singh (class of 1964); Foreign Secretary Uma Shankar Bajpai (class of 1936); Wajahat Habibullah (class of 1963) and Inder Pal Khosla (class of 1954); television-presenter Prannoy Roy and Tejeshwar Singh (class of 1965); and Mahmood Farooqui (class of 1979).[3][4][5] The ranks of former Doon School Weekly contributors also include editors at The Economic Times, Forbes, and Foreign Affairs magazines, as well as reporters at The Wall Street Journal, Hindustan Times, The Washington Post, The New York Times, and other newspapers and magazines.[6][7]

In 1947, The Doon School Weekly received a mention in the Journal of the Royal Society of Arts.[8] Also, the articles of the Weekly have been cited by various authors. One such was in the book The Corporeal Image: Film, Ethnography, And The Senses by David McDougall and another Constructing Post-Colonial India: National Character and the Doon School by Sanjay Srivastava.

On April 14th, 2018, The Weekly published its 2,500th edition which commemorated the last 82 years of its existence. The edition includes contributions from previous chief-editors such as Karan Thapar, Dr. Kanti Bajpai, Rahul Bhagat and Govind Dhar. This issue can be found only on campus.[9][10]

Structure and operations[edit]

The Weekly's Editorial Board is staffed by boys between year groups 9 and 12 at the school, with students in their final year leading the publication and taking key decisions. The selection process for the Editorial Board is competitive and consists of a written examination and personal interview with the Board's leadership. The Editor-in-Chief, appointed by the School's administration, is the publication's chief executive and is responsible for day-to-day operations and content printed. He is assisted by the Editors, the second-highest positions on the Editorial Board, who are also students in their final year of school.

The standard length of the Weekly is 8-12 pages on legal-size ivory white paper. However, the Issue released on the Saturday of the school's annual Founder's Day Programme is a special edition in the form of a magazine. The Weekly is accessible in print on the School's premises, while electronic copies may be obtained from the school's website or the publication's official Facebook page.

Notable former members[edit]


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