The Doorman

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"The Doorman"
Seinfeld episode
Episode no.Season 6
Episode 17
Directed byAndy Ackerman
Written byTom Gammill & Max Pross
Production code616
Original air dateFebruary 23, 1995
Guest appearance(s)
Episode chronology
← Previous
"The Kiss Hello"
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"The Jimmy"
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"The Doorman" is the 104th episode of the NBC sitcom Seinfeld. This was the 17th episode for the sixth season. It aired on February 23, 1995.


Jerry goes to pick up Elaine who is "house-sitting" Mr. Pitt's apartment. On his way in Jerry has an awkward conversation with the doorman, played by real-life friend Larry Miller. Walking down the street, Kramer, with the thought that it would entertain German tourists on a tour bus, simulates robbing George, but ends up invoking fear in them instead. After George's parents' separation ("The Chinese Woman"), Frank Costanza is living with George. Jerry doesn't want to face the doorman again; he wants to wait until the doorman leaves so he and Elaine can go to the movies. However, Mr. Pitt calls from Scotland and Elaine must stay to check the mail. Walking down the street Jerry finds the doorman, who incidentally is standing outside his own apartment building.

Later at Monk's Café Kramer mentions how George's father has man breasts ("real hooters"), and that he may use some undergarment for support. George is disturbed that it may be hereditary. Kramer leaves to work further on his idea. Elaine tells Jerry that the doorman accused him of following the doorman back to his own building and harassing him. Jerry says the doorman is playing mind games with him.

Again at Mr. Pitt's building, Jerry encounters the doorman, this time on the night shift. Jerry apologizes, saying he is not used to doormen, and just wants to be friends with him. The doorman leaves Jerry in charge while he goes out quickly to buy a beer. Jerry feels the pressure of being a doorman, even signs for a package, but as the doorman is taking too long, Jerry leaves his post and heads to Mr. Pitt's apartment. At George's, Kramer presents Frank a prototype for the man breasts' supporter. On their way to his apartment, George talks with his mother to convince her to take back Frank. He also questions her about his grandmother's bosom size. When George and his mother arrive at his apartment, they catch Frank trying on the undergarment.

When Jerry and Elaine step out of the elevator, the police are there because a couch was stolen from the lobby. Jerry thinks the doorman set him up and he and Elaine try to think of an alibi. At George's, Kramer and Frank think about going into the bra business with Sid Farkus ("The Sniffing Accountant"); Kramer likes to call his invention "the Bro", although Frank prefers "the Manssiere". In the lobby of Mr. Pitt's building, Elaine says nobody will believe a doorman's word, but he has the package with Jerry's signature as evidence. Later at Monk's, Elaine says they must replace the stolen couch, and George suggests they should take his, because then his father won't have a place to sleep on and he will have to move back with his mother. Jerry recalls that this is the couch that Poppie peed on ("The Couch"), and George took it and just turned the cushions over. Kramer and Frank make a deal with Sid Farkus, a bra salesman, until Farkus implies he would like to invite Frank's estranged wife to dinner, which angers Frank, who cancels the deal.

Without the couch, Frank doesn't know where he will sleep, but at the same time, he realizes George had him sleeping on urine. As George's mother arrives, she starts fighting again with Frank because she is going to dinner with Sid Farkus.

Later, as Kramer walks the street carrying a stereo, the same German tourists he "entertained" earlier see him and try to stop him in a scene alluding to the film, Marathon Man. Kramer manages to stave off their anger by introducing "the Bro" to them. At Mr. Pitt's building, Jerry and Elaine have delivered the couch. Poppie happens to be in the building visiting a friend. Poppie recalls how the last time he had his problems was because of Elaine's stand on abortion ("The Couch"). Thus, when he sees Elaine he cannot control himself and "sits" again on the couch.

In the last scene George is sharing the bed with his father, who offers to share a bowl of Kasha. George declines, turns off his bedside lamp and lies back on his pillow, but Frank turns on the lamp on his side, preventing George from sleeping.

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