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Double may refer to:


  • Baron Emile Double (1869–1938), vigneron who established the vineyard at the Château de Beaupré in Saint-Cannat in 1890
  • François-Joseph Double (1776–1842), French physician
  • Marie-Louise Double de Saint-Lambert (1891–1974), French philanthropist later known as Countess Lily Pastré
  • Steve Double (born 1966), British Conservative Party politician, Member of Parliament (MP) for St Austell and Newquay since 2015

Mathematics and computing[edit]

  • Multiplication by 2
  • Double precision, a floating-point representation of numbers that is typically 64 bits in length
  • A split-complex number of the form , where
  • A 2-tuple, or ordered list of two elements, denoted
  • Double (manifold)
  • Double (Java), a type of variable which supports decimals (such as 5.01, 0.75, -5.250), whereas integers only support whole numbers

Food and drink[edit]

  • Doubles (food), a sandwich that is a common street food in Trinidad and Tobago
  • Doppio, a double shot of espresso
  • Dubbel, a strong Belgian Trappist beer or, more generally, a strong brown ale
  • A drink order of two shots of hard liquor in one glass
  • A "double decker", a hamburger with two patties in a single bun


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