The Draining Lake

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The Draining Lake
1st British edition cover
Author Arnaldur Indriðason
Original title Kleifarvatn
Translator Bernard Scudder, Éric Boury (French)
Country Iceland
Language Icelandic
Series Detective Erlendur, #6
Genre Crime, mystery novel
Publisher Harvill Secker
Publication date
2004 (orig.) & August 2007 (Eng. trans. )
Media type Print (hardcover, paperback)
Pages 400 pp (Eng. trans.)
ISBN 1-84655-095-5 (Eng. trans.)
OCLC 85898375
Preceded by Voices
Followed by Arctic Chill

The Draining Lake (Icelandic: Kleifarvatn) is a 2004 crime novel by Icelandic author Arnaldur Indriðason, an entry in the Detective Erlendur series.

The title is based on a real Icelandic lake Kleifarvatn, which began draining away in 2000 following an earthquake. In the novel, the dropping water level reveals a body long hidden in the lake.

Awards and honors[edit]

2009 Macavity Award: Nominee[1]