The Dramatikz

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The Dramatikz
Origin Washington D.C, USA
Genres Hip hop
Occupation(s) Producers
Labels The Dramatikz Music Group
Associated acts Duke Da God, JR Writer, Cuban Link, MIMS, Vado, Dipset
Members Glenn "Max Dollas" Dozier Jr.
Marquette "PAKK RiLey" Sutton

The Dramatikz, is a group of producers and instrumentalists from Washington D.C. The group consists of members Glenn “Max Dollas” Dozier Jr. & Marquette "PAKK RiLey" Sutton. They were most known for their records they produced for Dipset, A Mafia, and Charlie Clips.


The Dramatikz was founded around 2009 when PAKK RiLey called his cousin Max Dollas to join forces to create a super-team of producers. They were one of the first to begin creating instrumental mixtapes on Datpiff for free to the public, which led them to start gaining buzz within the platform. The group eventually expanded, adding a few upcoming producers such as Harlem Broadway, NANO, Gutta, Automatik & more. Individually & collaboratively they've produced for many east coast rappers like Dave East, Charlie Clips, Dipset, A Mafia & plenty more. Eventually everybody went their separate ways due to business issues, but now it seems PAKK RiLey & Max Dollas are back with a new mindset.

Current producers[edit]

  • PAKK RiLey
  • Max Dollas

Former producers

  • Nano
  • Harlem Broadway
  • Famez
  • Automatik
  • Jigsaw
  • Gutta
  • Melz

Production credits[edit]


00. "Yo Soy El Mejor"
  • Cyssero
00. "Let The Beat Knock" Remix
00. “Murda, Murda” (feat. St. Laz)


08. "Ya Ova" (feat. S-One and Hocus .45th)


  • Bang Bang Boogie
00. "64 Grams" (feat. Awall)
00. "I'm Still Alive"


  • A-Mafia
00. "Big Cat"
00. "Crazy & Derranged"
00. "Different Cloth"
00. "Digital Hustler"
00. "Fidel Castro"
00. "Me & My Click Run It"
00. "Street Soldiers"
00. "What I Know Best" (feat. Bunky Sa)
00. "On Deck" (feat. Hell Rell)
00. "Independent"
00. "The Flow"

  • Boogz Boogetz
00. "100 Thousand" (feat. Gata)
00. "No Problems" (feat. Yung Stack)
00. "Forever"

  • Charlie Clips – Fully Loaded Clips
09. “Intermission”
17. “Jumping”

  • Charlie Clips – Legendary
06. “This or That”
08. “Punish the Beat” (feat. Sha Stimuli and Fred Da Godson)

10. "Show You How" (feat. Casino, Charlie Clips and Vado)

00. "I'm Already Here"
00. "Bank Brothers Part II" (feat. Hell Rell)

  • Nym Dot – Audio Dope
00. “I’m From Harlem” (feat. Smoke Dza, Vado, Square Off, Charlie Clips, T-Rex, Dutch NY & Nakim)

  • Pop Dollarz – Cory Gunz and the Militia Present: Pop Dollarz - G.T.R.A (Greatest Teen Rapper Alive)
01. “Intro (G.T.R.A)”

16. “Punish the Beat” (feat. Charlie Clips and Fred Da Godson)


  • A-Mafia – What the Streets Made Me
04. “Wayne Perry”

  • A-Mafia
00. "Foldin' $100 Bills"

  • Charlie Clips - The Lenox Ave Beast: Hosted by DJ Castro
07. "I’m Gone"
08. “This is Crazy”
18. “The Limelight”

15. "Yea Rite" (feat. Duke Da God)

00. “Making Deposits” (feat. Bahama and Richie McFLYY)

00. “Convertible Flow”

  • NOE - NOE Remorse
03. "His Story"
07. "Broadway Noe"

  • Shoota – Jim Jones, Hot City and ByrdGang Presents: Shoota – Steady Mobbin’
10. “Welcome to Harlem”

  • Dutch New York – No Relief
00. “The Understanding”
00. “Double Up”
00. “I Don’t Care”

00. TBA

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