The Dream Mixes

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The Dream Mixes
Tangerine Dream The Dream Mixes.jpg
Remix album by
Released1995, 1997
RecordedApril 1995
ProducerEdgar Froese
Tangerine Dream chronology
Tyranny of Beauty
The Dream Mixes
Goblins' Club

The Dream Mixes is the first remix album by Tangerine Dream and their fifty-second overall.[1] The album is a collection of extant Tangerine Dream songs remixed with a dance beat by Jerome Froese and is the first in a series that includes TimeSquare – Dream Mixes II (1997), DM3 – The Past Hundred Moons (2001), DM 4 (2003), DM 2.1 (2007), and DM V (2010). In 1996, the album was re-released as a two-CD set that included six new songs. This set was released again in 1998 as Dream Mixes One.

Track listing[edit]

1."Little Blond in the Parc of Attractions (Thai Dub)"7:17
2."Rough Embrace"5:30
3."Touchwood (Forest Mix)"7:00
4."Jungle Journey (Reptile Mix)"6:20
5."Virtually Fields"6:50
6."Firetongues (Break Freak Mix)"6:18
7."San Rocco"7:17
8."Catwalk (Dress-up Mix)"7:49
9."Change of the Gods"7:19
10."Bride in Cold Tears (Motown Monk Mix)"5:31

Bonus Tracks from The Club Dream Mixes

11."Touchwood (Radio Edit)"4:05
12."Little Blond in the Park of Attractions (Radio Edit)"4:05
13."Catwalk (Black Ink Mix)"4:12
14."Touchwood (Poison Byte Mix)"8:15


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