The Dream of a Lifetime

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"The Dream of a Lifetime"
Story codeD 2002-033
StoryDon Rosa
InkDon Rosa
HeroDonald Duck
Layout4 rows per page
AppearancesScrooge McDuck
Donald Duck
Huey, Dewey and Louie
Gyro Gearloose
Beagle Boys
First publication2002

The Dream of a Lifetime is a 2002 Donald Duck comic by Don Rosa. The story was first published in the Danish Anders And & Co. #2002-49; the first American publication was in Uncle Scrooge #329, in May 2004.

It appeared in the May 2004 issue of the Scrooge McDuck comic book (Uncle Scrooge #329).[1]

It is famous for sharing many similarities with the blockbuster Christopher Nolan film Inception, which was released eight years later in 2010.[2]


While Scrooge McDuck is having a dream, the Beagle Boys invade his dream, via a device stolen from Gyro Gearloose, in order to steal the combination to his money bin. Since it is extremely difficult for a dreamer to stop themselves from correctly answering questions posed to them in dreams (according to the in-story dream science), Donald Duck must enter his uncle Scrooge's dream to prevent Uncle Scrooge from blabbing the combination to the Beagle Boys.

Similarities with Inception[edit]

Several similarities have been noted to Christopher Nolan's film Inception, including the plot similarities of entering dreams to steal secrets and falling to exit dreams. The idea of Inception, however, was pitched to Warner Bros. by Nolan in 2001, while Rosa's comic was first published in 2002.[3][4][5]


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