The Drowned and the Saved (Law & Order)

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"The Drowned and the Saved"
Law & Order episode
Episode no. Season 19
Episode 22 (#433 overall)
Directed by Fred Berner
Written by Dick Wolf (creator)
René Balcer (developer)
Richard Sweren & Gina Gionfriddo (story)
Production code
  1. 19022
Original air date June 3, 2009
Guest appearance(s)

Tom Bloom
Jodie Markell
Tanya Fischer
Luke Kirby
Susan Kelechi Watson
Tom Everett Scott
Alison Elliott

Episode chronology
← Previous
"Skate or Die"
Next →
"Memo From The Dark Side"

"The Drowned and the Saved" is the nineteenth-season finale of the long-running legal drama Law & Order. The episode had 7.99 million viewers in the Nielsen ratings.


Inspired by the corruption charges against Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich, the episode concludes the storyline begun in "Excalibur."


The murder of a prominent charity executive leads Detectives Lupo and Bernard down a twisted path of political intrigue. The detectives discover a connection between the murdered executive's secretary, her ex-boyfriend and a top politician's wife. The investigation takes a turn when claims of stalking and blackmail surface, revealing a secret desire for a newly vacated seat in the US Senate.


David Hinckley writes that the "subtly titled 'The Drowned and the Saved,' feels at times self-indulgent. The drama itself, by 'L&O' standards, gets a little heavy-handed and clunky."[1]


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