The Drums of Tabu

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The Drums of Tabu
VHS cover for 'The Drums of Tabu'
Directed by Javier Setó
Produced by Sidney W. Pink
Written by Javier Setó
Santiago Moncada
Starring James Philbrook
Seyna Seyn
Francisco Morán
Franco Fantasia
Carlo Tamberlani
Music by Gregorio García Segura
Cinematography Antonio Modica
Edited by Antonio Ramírez
Distributed by Troma Entertainment
Release date
Running time
89 minutes
Country Spain
Language Spanish

The Drums of Tabu (also known as Fugitivos de las islas del sur and Tabu: le vergini di Samoa) is a 1966 adventure film directed by Javier Setó and produced by Sidney W. Pink. The story follows a drunk who discovers a Samoan princess washed up on the shore of a beach.

The film was distributed in America by Troma Entertainment.

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