The Dub Room Special

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The Dub Room Special
DubRoomSpecial VideoRelease1982.jpg
Cover of original video release
Directed by Frank Zappa
Produced by Frank Zappa
Music by Frank Zappa
Edited by Frank Zappa
Distributed by Honker Home Video (U.S. video release)
Eagle Vision (U.S. DVD release)
Release date
  • 1982 (1982) (Video release)
  • October 2005 (2005-10) (DVD release)
Running time
90 minutes
Country United States
Language English

The Dub Room Special is a film produced by Frank Zappa for direct-to-video release in October, 1982. The video combines footage from a performance at the KCET studios in Los Angeles on August 27, 1974, a concert performed at The Palladium, NYC on October 31, 1981, some clay animation by Bruce Bickford, and several interviews. It was edited in the "Dub Room" at Compact Video, at a post-production facility in Burbank, California. A few of the Compact Video staff have brief appearances.

The video was only available through mail-order, and thus, was unseen by many Zappa fans until it was made widely available on DVD on October 17, 2005. The DVD version was trimmed slightly by Zappa to fit the space limitations of early laserdiscs. The 1974 footage was originally conceived as a TV special. In 2007 a soundtrack with the same name was released.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Kim?"/The Dog Breath Variations/Uncle Meat
  2. Room Service
  3. Nig Biz
  4. Approximate
  5. Cosmik Debris
  6. Cocaine Decisions
  7. "The Massimo Bassoli Instant Italian Lesson"/Montana
  8. "In Case You Didn't Know"/Tengo Na Minchia Tanta
  9. Florentine Pogen
  10. Stevie's Spanking
  11. Stink-Foot
  12. Flakes
  13. Inca Roads
  14. Easy Meat
  15. "Huh-Huh-Huh"

The following sections were deleted from the original video release:

  • Zappa talking about Compact Video (originally preceded Room Service)
  • Intermission after Florentine Pogen, with title cards and Zappa talking about bad continuity


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