The Duchess of Windsor (Mosley biography)

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The Duchess of Windsor
Author Diana Mosley
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Genre Biography
Publisher (1980) Sidgwick & Jackson, (2003) Gibson Square
Publication date
1980 and 2003
Media type Print (Hardback & Paperback)
Pages 224 (1980), 304 (2003)
ISBN 0-283-98628-X
OCLC 6721949
941.084/092/4 B 19
LC Class DA581.W5 M67 1980
Preceded by 'A Life of Contrasts'
Followed by 'Loved Ones'

The Duchess of Windsor is a 1980 biography of Wallis, Duchess of Windsor by Diana Mosley. The book was published by Sidgwick & Jackson and by Gibson Square in 2003. In Paris, Mosley and her husband Oswald Mosley were long-term neighbours and friends of Wallis, Duchess of Windsor and Edward VIII. On 26 June 1980, she was interviewed by Russell Harty on the BBC to discuss the project.[1]


The American divorcée (Simpson) attracted media attention when she married Edward VIII of the United Kingdom. Due to the divisive political issue of the proposed marriage, the king was forced to abdicate the throne in order to pursue marriage with Simpson. The author (Mosley) was a confidante and neighbour of the Duchess.

Later editions[edit]

In the revised 2003 edition, Mosley addresses latest allegations of secret service reports about the Windsors' conduct during the war and the abdication.

Simpson returned to the public consciousness with the release of the biopic W.E. in 2012. Mosley's biography was re-released in 2012 and an extract was published by the Daily Express.[2]


The book has been published in both paperback and hardback and also features several illustrations.

  • Acknowledgements (6)
  • List of Illustrations (7)
  • Foreword (11)
  • I A Young Lady from Baltimore (12)
  • II Navy Wife (22)
  • III The Little Prince (29)
  • IV Prince of Wales (40)
  • V Divorce and Re-marriage (49)
  • VI Ich Dien (58)
  • VII Mrs Simpson meets the Prince (68)
  • VIII The Prince in Love (74)
  • IX Loved by a King (85)
  • X Storm Clouds (96)
  • XI Abdication (104)
  • XII King into Duke (115)
  • XIII Marriage (125)
  • XIV The First Two Years (140)
  • XV War (150)
  • XVI The Bahamas (163)
  • XVII The Windsors in France (169)
  • XVIII The Brilliant Duchess (188)
  • XIX Old Age (198)
  • XX Summing Up (211)

Index (220)


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