The Duchy of Ten

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The Duchy of Ten
DA4 Duchy of Ten.jpg
Code DA4
TSR Product Code 9205
Rules required Dungeons & Dragons Expert Set
Character levels 10 - 14
Campaign setting Blackmoor
Authors David J. Ritchie
First published 1987
Linked modules
DA1, DA2, DA3, DA4.

The Duchy of Ten is an adventure module designed for use with the Expert Set rules for the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game. It was written by David J. Ritchie, with cover art by Clyde Caldwell and interior art by David Dorman.

Plot summary[edit]

The Duchy of Ten is based on Dave Arneson's original Blackmoor campaign.[1] In this scenario, the player characters need to go to the place where the terrible artifact known as the Well of Souls was forged, as that is the only place it can be destroyed.[1] The module includes campaign setting data and a large map of the lands of the west.[1]

Publication history[edit]

DA4 The Duchy of Ten was written by David J. Ritchie, with a cover by Clyde Caldwell and interior illustrations by Dave Dorman, and was published by TSR in 1987 as a 48-page booklet with a large color map and an outer folder.[1]


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