The Dull Ice Flower

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The Dull Ice Flower
Directed by Yang Li Kuo
Written by Wu Nien-jen
Starring Huang Kun Hsuan
Lee Shu Chen
Chen Sung Yung
Chen Wei sin
Yu Han
Lee Yi Hsiung
Cinematography Mark Lee Ping Bin
Edited by Huang Cheng Hsiang
Release date
Running time
93 minutes
Country Taiwan
Language Mandarin, Taiwanese Hokkien

The Dull Ice Flower (Chinese: 魯冰花) is a 1989 Taiwanese film based on the novel of the same title by Chung Chao-cheng. Dealing with education and other social issues in rural Taiwan in the deprived 1950s and early 1960s, the story was adapted into a screenplay by Wu Nien-jen.


Ku A-ming is a 4th grader at Chungshan Elementary School in Shuiyu Township. Despite being not very good in most subjects at school, he is very talented in art and has a great imagination, though most teachers don't know what he's expressing in his artwork. During a morning assembly, a new art teacher named Mr. Kuo asks if anyone is interested at joining the ECA art club. Ku A-ming is the first one to volunteer. During an art competition, the school teachers vote to decide who's going to represent the school to compete in the county; they chose the mayor's son for their own benefit. Since A-Ming lost, Mr. Kuo protests by quitting his job at the school. Before he leaves, he asks A-ming to give him one of his drawings. Sadly, after Mr. Kuo has left, A-ming dies of liver illness. Mr. Kuo sends A-ming's drawing to a children's world art competition and A-ming's drawing is the champion. The teachers start to regret neglecting A-ming's ability in art.


At the 26th annual Golden Horse Film Festival, The Dull Ice Flower was nominated for 6 awards, including Best Feature Film, Best Director, Best Leading Actor, and Best Original Film Score. It won 2 awards, namely Best Supporting Actress and Best Original Film Song.[1]


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