The Dummy Talks

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The Dummy Talks
"The Dummy Talks" (1943).jpg
Directed by Oswald Mitchell
Produced by Wallace Orton
Written by Michael Barringer
Based on the story by Jack Clifford & Con West
Starring Jack Warner
Claude Hulbert
Beryl Orde
Music by Kennedy Russell (uncredited)
Cinematography James Wilson
Edited by Jack Harris
Fergus McDonell
Distributed by Anglo-American Film Corporation (UK)
Release date
25 October 1943 (UK)
Running time
85 minutes
Country United Kingdom
Language English

The Dummy Talks is a 1943 British crime film directed by Oswald Mitchell and starring Jack Warner, Claude Hulbert and Beryl Orde.[1] It marked the film debut of Jack Warner.[2]


The murder of a ventriloquist takes place during a variety performance at the Empire Theatre. A midget is then sent in undercover as the dummy.


  • Jack Warner - Jack
  • Claude Hulbert - Victor Harbord
  • Beryl Orde - Beryl
  • Evelyn Darvell - Peggy
  • Derna Hazell - Maya
  • Manning Whiley - Russell Warren
  • Charles Carson - Marvello
  • G.H. Mulcaster - Piers Harriman
  • John Carol - Jimmy Royce
  • Gordon Edwards - Marcus
  • Max Earl - Yates
  • Ivy Benson and her orchestra - Themselves
  • Uncle Sylvester & Nephew (Eric Mudd also played the "dummy") - Themselves, Specialty Act

Critical reception[edit]

Britmovie noted "a number of genuine variety acts add a flavour of the period, although they provide rather too much of the film’s running time" ;[2] and TV Guide called it "a weird but engaging second feature."[3]



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