The Dungeon (1922 film)

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Contemporary newspaper advertisement for the film.

The Dungeon is a 1922 race film directed, written, produced and distributed by Oscar Micheaux. The film focuses on an African American woman who is coerced into marrying a corrupt would-be politician. When she discovers that her husband has conspired to support segregationist policies in exchange for support by white political power brokers, she is imprisoned in a secret dungeon where her husband had murdered his previous wives.[1]

Micheaux was criticized by D. Ireland Thomas, a columnist with the Chicago Defender, for his casting of light-skinned African Americans. Thomas questioned whether Micheaux was "relying on his name alone to tell the public that it is a race production; or maybe he is after booking it in white theaters.”[2]

No print of the film is known to exist and it is presumed to be a lost film.[3]


  • William Fountaine
  • Shingzie Howard
  • J. Kenneth Goodman
  • William Crowell
  • Earle Browne Cook
  • Blanche Thompson[4]


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