The Duplex

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The Duplex
Author(s) Glenn McCoy
Launch date September 7, 1993
Syndicate(s) Universal Press Syndicate
Publisher(s) Universal Press
Genre(s) Humor

The Duplex is a comic strip by Glenn McCoy, published by Universal Press from 1993.[1]

The Duplex has been published in numerous newspapers as daily comic strips and on the Internet. A collection of strips is also available in the form of a comic album. Although designed for the American readers, The Duplex enjoys popularity outside the USA.


The characters of the Duplex include:

  • Eno L. Camino, the main character
  • Fang, Eno's dog and best friend
  • Gina, Eno's and Fang's neighbor
  • Mitzi, Gina's poodle and Fang's object of affection
  • Elvin, Eno's neighbor and friend


In 2005, the National Cartoonists Society gave "The Duplex" the award for 2004's best Newspaper Comic Strip.


One collection of strips has been published:


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