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This article is about the comic strip. For the film, see The Duplex (film). For other uses, see Duplex (disambiguation).
The Duplex
Author(s) Glenn McCoy
Launch date September 7, 1993
Syndicate(s) Universal Press Syndicate
Publisher(s) Universal Press
Genre(s) Humor

The Duplex is a comic strip Drawings by Glenn McCoy, published by Universal Press from 1993.[1]

The Duplex has been published in numerous newspapers as daily comic strips and on the Internet. A collection of strips is also available in the form of a comic album. Although designed for the American readers, The Duplex enjoys popularity outside the USA.


The characters of the Duplex include:

  • Eno L. Camino, the main character
  • Fang, Eno's dog and best friend
  • Gina, Eno's and Fang's neighbor
  • Mitzi, Gina's poodle and Fang's object of affection
  • Elvin, Eno's neighbor and friend


In 2005, the National Cartoonists Society gave "The Duplex" the award for 2004's best Newspaper Comic Strip.


One collection of strips has been published:


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