The Duskeys

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The Duskeys
Also known as Duskeys
Origin Ireland, Great Britain
Genres Pop music
Associated acts Palace
Members Sandy Kelly
Barbara Ellis
Nina Duskey
Dan Duskey

The Duskeys is an Irish/Welsh family pop quartet,[1] known for their participation in the Eurovision Song Contest 1982 with the song "Here Today Gone Tomorrow".[2] With 49 points, they came in eleventh position.[3][4]

The group is composed of members Sandy Kelly, Barbara Ellis, Nina Duskey and Dan Duskey. As Michael Palace, Dan Duskey later fronted the group Palace that finished 5th in the 1986 A Song For Europe contest in the UK with the song "Dancing With You Again".[5] Dan Duskey is now a pastor in the Elim Pentecostal Church, Bristol, under the name Simon Foster.


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