The Duskfall

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The Duskfall
Origin Luleå, Sweden
Genres Melodic death metal
Years active 1999–2008, 2014–present
Labels Massacre, Nuclear Blast, Black Lotus
Associated acts Dawn of Relic, Deathbound, Deathchain, Defleshed, Helltrain

The Duskfall is a Swedish melodic death metal band from Luleå, Sweden, formed in 1999.[1] The band released four full-length studio albums and, shortly afterwards,the band split in 2008 and got back together 2014.


The band was formed in 1999 when guitarist Mikael Sandorf, split-up from his previous melodic death metal band Gates of Ishtar and shortly afterwards the band was created. Initially the band would be named Soulash, until changing it in 2001 to The Duskfall. Although line-up changes would hamper the band at first when band members Tommi Konu and Urban Carlsson departed, they would quickly fill the vacant slots with drummer Oskar Karlsson (from the later period of Gates of Ishtar) and bassist Kaj Molin. Soon after, the band would record and release their first demo entitled Deliverance in 2001. И зашквар

In 2002, Duskfall released their debut album Frailty,[2] which was produced by Daniel Bergstrand. After the release of Frailty, Joachim Lindbäck would join the band on guitar. The final product was 2003's Source [3] which was recorded at Daniel Bergstrand's Dug Out Studios. Duskfall would suffer more departures in the form of members Joachim Lindbäck and Kaj Molin. Eventually the band would recruit Antti Lindholm (also the vocalist and guitarist in Finnish hard rock trio Lambs) on guitars and Marco Eronen on bass. With the new additions, Duskfall would focus on recording their third studio album, Lifetime Supply of Guilt.

The Duskfall completed their latest album The Dying Wonders of the World, which was released on October 26, 2007.

A statement on the official website dated August 4, 2008, confirmed that the band quit following the departure of main songwriter and founder Mikael Sandorf.

Earlier in 2014 Mikael Sandorf announced the band was back together via social media (Facebook and Twitter) and would be recording for the band's fifth album. The album titled "Where The Tree Stands Dead" was produced by Ahti Kortelainen (Sonata Arctica, Moonsorrow, Sentenced).

According to Apostasy Records the album will be released on November 21, 2014 in Germany/Switzerland/Austria, November 24, 2014 in the UK and the rest of Europe and January 13, 2015 in North America.

Later, The Duskfall announced at the Facebook page that Aki Häkkinen (Grinister and Perfect Chaos), the Finnish rockstar legend and frontman of the Finnish nu-metal band Grinister, replaces Klavborn on vocals. They also announced the Storm's departure and Anton Lindbäck joined the band on bass.


  • Aki Häkkinen – vocals
  • Mikael Sandorf – guitars
  • Jakob Björnfot – guitars
  • Anton Lindbäck – bass
  • Sebastian Lindgren- drums
Former members;
  • Fredrik Andersson-drums
  • Jonatan Storm - bass, vocals
  • Magnus Klavborn - Vocals
  • Kaj Molin – bass guitar
  • Tommi Konu – bass guitar
  • Urban Carlsson – guitars
  • Joachim Lindbäck – guitars
  • Marco Eronen – bass guitar
  • Glenn Svensson – guitars
  • Pär Johansson – vocals
  • Jonny Ahlgren – guitars
  • Kai Jaakkola – vocals
  • Matte Järnil – bass guitar
  • Oskar Karlsson – drums
  • Antti Lindholm – guitars


Album title Release date Record label
Frailty November 30, 2002 Black Lotus
Source December 30, 2003 Black Lotus
Lifetime Supply of Guilt August 12, 2005 Nuclear Blast
The Dying Wonders of the World October 26, 2007 Nuclear Blast/Massacre
Where the Tree Stands Dead November 21, 2014 Apostasy Records

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