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This article is about the 1950s vocal group. For the American rock band, see Eagles (band).
For other uses, see The Eagles (disambiguation).

The Eagles were a 1950s rhythm and blues vocal group from the Washington, D.C. area.[1] They recorded the original version of "Tryin' to Get to You" (Rose Marie McCoy - Charles Singleton), better known through the versions by Elvis Presley (one of his Sun recordings) and The Animals (as "Trying To Get You").[2][3] Advertising for The Eagles' record in "Billboard" magazine indicates that the format of the title was "Tryin' To Get To You", with an apostrophe.[4]

The Eagles released "Tryin' to Get to You" on Mercury Records (#70391, the B-side of "Please Please") in 1954,[5][6] the year before Elvis Presley's version was recorded. Presley's vocal delivery appears to be influenced by that of The Eagles' lead singer,[7][8][9][10] but Scotty Moore's guitar solo on the Presley recording replaces a saxophone solo heard on the original.[11]

The Eagles had two further releases on Mercury, "Such a Fool"/"Don't You Wanna Be Mine" (#70464, 1954) and "I Told Myself"/"What A Crazy Feeling" (#70524 1955).[12] An Eagles anthology LP released c.1989 by German reissue label Bear Family, Trying To Get To You, included three additional tracks.[13]


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