The Easy Hoes

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Origin San Francisco, California, United States
Genres Cowpunk
Years active 1987–1989
Labels Shindig Records

The Easy Hoes (stylized as The EASY HOES) was an American cowpunk band. They formed in 1987, released one album, Tragic Songs of Life, in 1989 and broke up later that year.

They are best known for being one of the bands that Art Alexakis was in before he formed Everclear. Although Art does provide lead vocals on a few songs, this is the only band that Art was in where he was not the primary songwriter. Of their one album they released, Art only wrote two songs, "Separation" and "? (The Gay Bar Song)", both of which Art re-recorded with his next band, Colorfinger.




Unofficial Release

  • Neverclear
    • A compilation of songs from Art's pre-Everclear bands. Includes "Separation" and "? (The Gay Bar Song)"