The Easy Way to Stop Smoking

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The Easy Way to Stop Smoking
Author Allen Carr
Subject Smoking
Publisher Arcturus Publishing Limited
Pages 239
ISBN 9780615482156

The Easy Way to Stop Smoking is a self-help book written by British author and accountant Allen Carr. The book aims to help people quit smoking, offering a range of different methods. The book is the most famous book of Carr, as it resonated widely in the world and became a worldwide bestseller.


After 30 years of heavy smoking, Carr quit in 1983, at the age of 48. He subsequently left his job as an accountant in the same year and opened the first "easiest way" clinic, to help other addicts. In addition to this book, Carr wrote a number of books which are intended to lead to smoking cessation, and excess weight, some of which were also best sellers.[1]


Carr writes that smoking addiction is psychological and therefore this is the most significant factor in addiction to cigarettes. The book itself is divided into 44 chapters, whose purpose is to lead the smoker to, upon completion of reading the book, make the decision to quit smoking.[2]

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