The Egg, Beirut

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The Egg cinema in Beirut Lebanon.jpg

Coordinates: 33°53′37″N 35°30′22″E / 33.893495°N 35.505989°E / 33.893495; 35.505989 The Egg, or the Dome, is an unfinished cinema structure built in 1965 in Beirut, Lebanon. Its construction was interrupted during the Lebanese civil war and the horse-shoe shaped dome that remains today is now a landmark in Beirut.[1] It was part of a commercial and residential project named "Beirut City Center", by architect Joseph Philippe Karam.[2]

Talk of its possible demolition in the past two decades has mobilized students and architects in favor of its preservation. The current owners of the site have affirmed their desire to preserve it and to integrate it into a new project.[3]



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