The Egg Collector

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The Egg Collector
Merrie Melodies (Sniffles) series
Merrie Melodies classic title card.png
Merrie Melodies classic title card
Directed by Chuck Jones
Produced by Leon Schlesinger
Voices by Mel Blanc
Margaret Hill-Talbot
Music by Carl W. Stalling
Animation by Rudy Larriva
Distributed by Warner Bros.
Release date(s) July 20, 1940
Color process Technicolor
Language English

The Egg Collector is a 1940 Merrie Melodies Warner Bros. cartoon directed by Chuck Jones and starring Sniffles.


Late one night in a bookstore, Sniffles the mouse is reading the book Egg Collecting For Amateurs. According to the book, a good specimen for beginners is the egg of a great barn owl. Sniffles' friend, a bookworm, takes him to the top of an old church tower where they find an owl egg. Sniffles snatches the egg from its cradle, but the father owl stops them before they can escape. Sniffles learns from the owl that he is a rodent and that owls eat rodents. And worms. The bookworm faints and Sniffles flees madly, taking the worm with him.[1]

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