The Eleventh Hour (1922 film)

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The Eleventh Hour
Directed by George Ridgwell
Written by Leslie Howard Gordon
Ethel M. Dell(novel)
Starring Dennis Wyndham
Madge White
M. Gray Murray
Beatrice Chester
Distributed by Stoll Pictures
Release date
Running time
6 reels
Country England
Language English

The Eleventh Hour is a 1922 British silent film. One of a number of adaptations of Ethel M. Dell's romance novels made around this time, the film revolves around Doris Elliott (Madge White), who marries farmer Jeff Ironside (Dennis Wyndham), but quickly tires of farm life, and leaves him, only to realise her mistake and return just before Ironside commits suicide - hence "the eleventh hour" of the title. It is unknown whether any recording of the film survives; it may be a lost film.[1]



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