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The Eliezah Foundation Initiative is a non government organisation operating in certain regions in Uganda. It was found in 2005 by Dr. Eliezah Titus, a Ugandan entrepreneur. It is a children and youth organisation addressing issues of Growth and Development. It has a scale of unlimited workers and as any other organisation majority are volunteers who come and go after accomplishing their desired activities with the organisation. This organisation has provided support to over a million people with in different regions and has a specific way of community approach that supports the effectiveness of its activities. This has made it unique and fast in growth and recognition.

The caliber of problems in society that it serves would require massive funding of its activities and with its methodologies, the effectiveness of such activities is a guarantee. It has a staff that works around the clock to ensure effectiveness of activities. The chairperson and founder of this organisation is known to be a skilled motivated young man with power in society. He supports people individually, and through the organisation.


This organisation has registered successes as well as failures. It has a reputation of having the youngest motivated wealthiest personnel who collect money from their Businesses to support its activities but most of all it has a founder who is known as an activist who has openly forced government to include child budgeting and planning at all levels of society starting at village level and registered this success as of 2010. It is the first organisation to act as a Secretariat for child days for the Government of Uganda. Again, this organisation is the first one to sign an agreement similar to those conventions of UN, with the government in favor of children and youth. This organisation has a reputation of attacking Members of the Ugandan parliament who do not utilise the Constituency fund to develop their constituencies accordingly and it has forced government to either cancel the constituency fund or implement legal means that govern it, this is another success because government is currently debating this issue.

The Wakiso District department of social services say that the Organisation is independent without political influence and not attached to any group of companies. During an interview with the chairperson of this organisation he said that this organisation is what keeps him moving. He says he does not care about the rest of his work because he is more of importance to the organisation than government, or the Eliezah Group of Companies, this expressed that these two are different. This organisation has a reputation with in Wakiso of emphasizing community talks, child, youth, women and men's platforms to discuss different issues and it reacts to community views through approaching government officials directly responsible for social reaction to particular issues. It is in close links with the Ministers of Gender, Youth, children, Culture, Local government, and executive directors and chairpersons of youth and children councils in Uganda. It depends on finance from friends and the community approaches.

The organisation has varied information material from UN, Government Ministries and Manuals for training together with information kits that are designed suitably for target groups. It has a website, and a direct line +256392894084 that you can call and request for any information or extension to the personnel you require. It is easy to access this organisation and its easy to work with them because they have a culture of community participation, reporting, documenting even slight activities and carrying out constant executive meeting.

The Eliezah Foundation Initiative is run by an executive board of 9 people and an administrative board of over 40 people throughout communities. It has community groups they call cells, viable groups and community representatives at different levels. More information will be availed on this organisation