The Elizabeth Smart Story

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The Elizabeth Smart Story
Written by Nancey Silvers
Directed by Bobby Roth
Starring Dylan Baker
Lindsay Frost
Amber Marshall
Hannah Lochner
Tyler Kyte
Tom Everett
Hollis McLaren
Theme music composer Christopher Franke
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
Producer(s) Peter Sadowski
Randy Sutter
Running time 120 minutes
Original network CBS
Original release November 9, 2003

The Elizabeth Smart Story is a 2003 television movie about the high profile Elizabeth Smart kidnapping case. It was broadcast less than eight months after her recovery. It was based on the book Bringing Elizabeth Home written by her parents, Ed and Lois Smart.[1]


Fourteen-year-old Elizabeth Smart is part of a large and loving Mormon family. Her father, Ed hires a handyman, a self-styled prophet named Emmanuel, to help him with a remodeling job. Months later, Emmanuel returns and kidnaps Elizabeth one night at knifepoint. Her sister, Mary Katherine, who is in the bed with her, is too terrified to immediately tell her parents. Once she does a massive police investigation begins. The Smarts are angered when the investigation questions whether any family members are involved in Elizabeth’s disappearance. A massive search effort begins and the story causes a media frenzy. After a false news story that the police suspect a family member, Ed takes and passes a polygraph test. Richard Ricci, who worked for the Smarts until he was fired when jewelry went missing, is arrested for a parole violation and the police suspect his involvement in Elizabeth's disappearance. Emmanuel subsequently tries to kidnap one of Elizabeth's cousins, but is unsuccessful. The Smarts learn Ricci has had an aneurysm and is now brain dead. After this, Elizabeth's mother gives up hope, the story fades into the background and the police stop looking for Elizabeth. At one point, Mary Katherine realizes that it was Emmanuel who took Elizabeth, but the police do not pursue this lead. Ed appears on the TV show America's Most Wanted and tells host John Walsh in confidence about this new information. When Walsh reveals it on Larry King Live, the Smarts publish a sketch of Emmanuel, who is later identified as Brian David Mitchell. After having taken her to San Diego, Mitchell returns to Salt Lake City with his wife and Elizabeth. When the police accidentally come across the three of them and question them, Elizabeth identifies herself, resulting in Mitchell's arrest and Elizabeth's reunion with her family.



Three of the film's stars were nominated for 2004 Young Artist Awards. Amber Marshall was nominated for the Best Performance in a TV Movie, Miniseries or Special - Leading Young Actress. Hannah Lochner was nominated for the Best Performance in a TV Movie, Miniseries or Special - Supporting Young Actress. Jacob Kraemer was nominated for the Best Performance in a TV Movie, Miniseries or Special - Supporting Young Actor.


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