The Elkhart Truth

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The Elkhart Truth
Type Daily newspaper
Format Print and digital
Owner(s) Federated Media
Publisher John F. Dille III
Managing editors Ryan Martin
General manager Pete Van Baalen
Language English
Headquarters 421 South Second Street
Elkhart, IN 46516
ISSN 0746-7516

The Elkhart Truth is a daily, digital-first media outlet based in Elkhart, Indiana, that covers Elkhart County in northern Indiana. The newspaper was founded in 1889 and is a family-owned operation. The paper is part of Truth Publishing Co., which is owned by Federated Media.

The Elkhart Truth operates as a multi-faceted media outlet. In 2014, The Elkhart Truth started Truth Radio 1340, which hosts a news show each weekday morning that includes stories reported by the publication.

Another addition in 2014 included the creation of Flavor 574, a standalone digital magazine run by The Elkhart Truth's staff that is dedicated to covering Michiana's culinary scene.[1]

The Elkhart Truth celebrated the 125th anniversary of its first printing October 15, 2014.


The Elkhart Truth was first printed October 15, 1889. It was founded by Charles G. Conn, who served as Elkhart's mayor, as well as a U.S. congressman. Additionally, Conn was the owner of musical instrument manufacturing empire C.G. Conn Ltd., which is sometimes referred to as Conn Instruments.

In 1915, Conn's business interests were taken over by a group of investors headed by Carl D. Greenleaf.[2] Shortly afterwards, Greenleaf and A.H. Beardsley purchased the newspaper from investors.

John F. Dille Jr., a classmate of one of Greenleaf's sons, took over responsibility for The Elkhart Truth's operations in 1952[3] and eventually bought out Greenleaf and Beardsley. In addition to being an accomplished newspaperman, John Dille Jr. is also noted in history as one of the men who helped train and worked with the Golden Thirteen – the United States Navy's first African-American officers, who were commissioned during World War II.[4]

The Dille family now is the sole owner of The Elkhart Truth, with John F. Dille III serving as the current president of Federated Media. John F. Dille III has worked as a copy boy at The Washington Post; as a reporter for Thomson Newspapers, Ltd., in England, Scotland and Wales; as a reporter for The Mishawaka Times; and as a reporter for The Elkhart Truth.

John F. Dille III has also worked in broadcast journalism, as Federated Media owns 15 radio stations. He has served as chairman of the Radio Advertising Bureau (US), chairman of the National Association of Broadcasters Radio Board, president of the Indiana Broadcasters Association, chairman of the Legislative Liaison Committee (LLC) program, director of Michiana Public Telecasting and chairman of the Indiana LLC. In 2000, John F. Dille III became an adjunct professor at Northern Arizona University, where he teaches broadcast management.[5]


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