The Elusive Corporal

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The Elusive Corporal
Film poster
Directed by Jean Renoir
Produced by Adry De Carbuccia
Written by Guy Lefranc
Jacques Perret
Jean Renoir
Starring Jean-Pierre Cassel
Cinematography Georges Leclerc
Edited by Renée Lichtig
Release date
  • 23 May 1962 (1962-05-23)
Running time
105 minutes
Country France
Language French
Box office $16.9 million[1]

The Elusive Corporal (French: Le Caporal épinglé) is a 1962 French comedy film directed by Jean Renoir and starring Jean-Pierre Cassel.[2] It was entered into the 12th Berlin International Film Festival.[3] Renoir shot his film in Austria in 1961 from Jacques Perret's book based on his own prisoner of war experiences.[4] Renoir's friend and assistant director Guy Lefranc had also been a World War II prisoner of war[5] and had developed the project for seven years.[6]

The story serves as a companion piece to the director's 1937 film, Grand Illusion, once more bringing together men from across the broad social spectrum of French society to depict one man's Sisyphean efforts to escape captivity in a German POW camp.



Guy Lefranc was assistant director on the film.


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