The Elysian

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The Elysian
Elysian tower Cork.JPG
The Elysian tower, June 2009
General information
Type Office, residence
Location Eglinton Street, Cork, Ireland
Coordinates 51°53′48″N 8°27′48″W / 51.896676°N 8.463367°W / 51.896676; -8.463367Coordinates: 51°53′48″N 8°27′48″W / 51.896676°N 8.463367°W / 51.896676; -8.463367
Completed 2008
Antenna spire 81 metres (266 ft)
Roof 71 metres (233 ft)
Technical details
Floor count 17 (plus two basement garages)

The Elysian is a mixed-use Celtic Tiger-era building at Eglinton Street in Cork, Ireland.[2] Construction of the building was completed in early September 2008.[3]

It consists of a number of connected 6-8 storey buildings, with a landmark 17-storey[4] tower on the southwest corner of the site. The tower is 71 metres (233 ft) to the top floor, making it the tallest storeyed building in the Republic of Ireland, surpassing the 67-metre County Hall, also in Cork.[3] A decorative pinnacle gives The Elysian's tower an overall height of 81 metres.[5]

The complex includes an enclosed Japanese garden and a two-level basement garage.[6] The building opened during an economic crisis in Ireland and by late April 2009, 80% of the 211 apartments remained unsold and 50% of the commercial units were vacant.[5] As of October 2009 this situation continued, earning the building the nickname "The Idle Tower", a pun on a nearby hostelry known as The Idle Hour. An article in The Irish Times newspaper described the Elysian as a "Mary Celeste adrift in the recession"[7]

Mandatory annual management fees for an apartment in the Elysian are €4,000 per year.[citation needed]

In December 2014 an Aldi supermarket opened on the ground floor.[8]

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