The Elysian

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The Elysian
Elysian tower Cork.JPG
The Elysian tower, June 2009
General information
Type Office, residence
Location Eglinton Street, Cork, Ireland
Coordinates 51°53′48″N 8°27′48″W / 51.896676°N 8.463367°W / 51.896676; -8.463367Coordinates: 51°53′48″N 8°27′48″W / 51.896676°N 8.463367°W / 51.896676; -8.463367
Completed 2008
Antenna spire 76.28 metres (250 ft)[1]
Roof 68.28 metres (224 ft)
Technical details
Floor count 17 (plus two basement garages)

The Elysian is a mixed-use Celtic Tiger-era building at Eglinton Street in Cork, Ireland.[2] Construction of the building was completed in early September 2008.[3]

It consists of a number of connected 6-8 storey buildings, with a landmark 17-storey [4] tower on the southwest corner of the site. The tower is 68.28 metres (224 ft)[5] to the top floor, making it the tallest storeyed building in the Republic of Ireland, surpassing the Google Docks building in Dublin. The complex includes an enclosed Japanese garden and a two-level basement garage.[6]

The building opened during an economic crisis in Ireland and by late April 2009, 80% of the 211 apartments remained unsold and 50% of the commercial units were vacant.[7] As of October 2009 this situation continued, earning the building the nickname "The Idle Tower", a pun on a nearby hostelry known as The Idle Hour. An article in The Irish Times newspaper described the Elysian as a "Mary Celeste adrift in the recession"[8] Mandatory annual management fees for an apartment in the Elysian are €4,000 per year.[citation needed] In January 2010, developer O'Flynn Construction's debts of €1.8bn were acquired by the National Asset Management Agency, which bundled them as "Project Tower" and sold them for €1.1bn in May 2014 to Carbon Finance, a subsidiary of The Blackstone Group.[9][10] In December 2014 an Aldi supermarket opened on the ground floor.[11][12] A dispute between O'Flynn and Carbon on repayments was settled in February 2015, with Carbon retaining ownership of the Elysian.[13]

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