The Embarrassing Beginning

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The Embarrassing Beginning
Studio album by Grade
Released November 21, 2000
Genre Hardcore punk, Screamo
Label Victory
Grade chronology
And Such Is Progress
The Embarrassing Beginning
Headfirst Straight to Hell

The Embarrassing Beginning is the fourth full-length album by Canadian hardcore punk band Grade. It is a combination of two older releases with new packaging. The first eight songs are from Grade's first proper release, Grade/Believe split released on a small Canadian label called Workshop Records back in 1994. Tracks 11-13 come from the group's 1999 debut EP on Victory Records Triumph and Tragedy.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Cripple"
  2. "Punk Rock Song"
  3. "Impulse"
  4. "Hairdie"
  5. "Digga Digga Song"
  6. "Classified"
  7. "Instrumental"
  8. "Entangled"
  9. "Afterthought (Demo)"
  10. "The Tension Between Stillness & Motion (Demo)"
  11. "Triumph & Tragedy (Acoustic Version)"
  12. "Stolen Bikes Ride Faster"
  13. "Panama"
  14. "A Year In The Past (Radio Version)"
  15. "Seamless (Acoustic Version)"