The Ember Days

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The Ember Days
The Ember Days at Parachute 2013.jpg
The Ember Days playing the Deluxe stage at Parachute Music Festival in 2013
Background information
OriginAuckland, New Zealand
GenresIndie rock, alternative rock, worship
Years active2006–present
  • Janell Belcher
  • Jason Belcher
  • Jedidiah Lachmann
  • Logan Mackenzie
  • Jordan McGee
Past members
  • Jordan Mackenzie
  • Matt Burrows
  • Tim Peters
  • Elliot Norten

The Ember Days is an Indie Rock band originally from New Zealand, now based out of Nashville, Tennessee. They are currently not signed to any record label.[1]

Formed in 2006, Jason and Janell Belcher began the band with a desire to create epic and accessible worship music. "We had this vision for this band and we decided to start asking around to see if people wanted to be involved," says Jason.[citation needed]

The current line-up consists of: Jason (vocals/rhythm guitar), Janell (vocals/keys), Jordan McGee (drums), Logan MacKenzie (guitar) and Jedidiah Lachmann (bass).[2]

They have released four studio albums, 2007's Your Eyes Light Up, 2011's Emergency, 2013's "More Than You Think", and 2015's "Valitus" as well as three EPs, 2008's self-titled The Ember Days EP, which came shortly after their move to America, 2010's Finger Painting EP, and 2014's "The Ember Days Live". Their latest album "Valitus" was released in December 2015.[3]

The Ember Days EP and Your Eyes Light Up both earned them New Zealand Music Award nominations for Best Christian Album.[4]

They have had a number of musicians play alongside them at their live shows, including Jason Belcher's brother Chris on the clarinet and a surprise show of Paramore drummer Zac Farro as a drummer at an instrumental worship set during Parachute Music Festival 2013 in Hamilton, New Zealand.

Kickstarter Campaign and "More Than You Think"[edit]

In July 2012 The Ember Days launched a fundraising campaign through the crowd-funding website Kickstarter to finance a third studio album. The campaign succeeded in raising over $35,000 by August 1, 2012.[5] After the successful Kickstarter campaign, the band began pre-production, and began recording in September 2012.[6]

The successful campaign resulted in their newest album, "More Than You Think", which was officially released at Parachute Music Festival in Hamilton, NZ on January 25, 2013. It became available to the general public on January 29, 2013.

The album is produced by Paul Moak, Co-Produced by famous Christian music producer Ed Cash and features Zac Farro as a writer on the song "Face in the Dark". He also adds his drumming talent to that of Jordan MacKenzie on some of the songs.

The album's title and songs were inspired when Janell was diagnosed with Lupus before cancelling their Emergency album tour. The band wanted to show that there is "more than you think" going on in the lives of people around us.[7]


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