The Empire Strikes Back (pinball)

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Empire Strikes Back
TESB flyer.jpg
Release date1980
DesignDavid Hankin

There are various pinball machines based on the Star Wars franchise.

The Empire Strikes Back (pinball)[edit]

The Empire Strikes Back is a pinball machine released in 1980 by Hankin. It is based in the Star Wars film The Empire Strikes Back. The machine was designed by David Hankin and was the last built by this manufacturer.

The Empire Strikes Back was the first Star Wars pinball machine ever created. According to Pinball Memories, this game was first exhibited in November 1980 at the National Amusement Machine Operators Convention held at Surfers Paradise, Queensland, Australia.

The features;

  • 4-Player game
  • 4 flippers
  • 4 pop bumpers
  • 2 roll-under spinners
  • 2 kick-out holes
  • 1 3-bank drop targets
  • 1 single drop target

A total 350 units were produced and are sought after collectors items.

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