The Empire of Great Kesh

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The Empire of Great Kesh is a fictional nation on Midkemia, a world created by a fantasy role-playing group and popularized by Raymond E. Feist. It lies south of the Kingdom of the Isles and north of the Keshian Confederacy on the continent of Triagia. It is featured in Prince of the Blood and Flight of the Nighthawks.

It is the largest nation of the continent of Triagia, stretching across a third of the continent. It is also the most cosmopolitan nation on Midkemia and, on the surface, the most stable. The Empire is ruled by an Emperor or Empress and their relatives are called Truebloods. The Emperor or Empress is aided in their rule by Izmalis or Shadow Warriors. Previously, a large portion of the empire rebelled, forming the Keshian Confederacy, also known as Lesser Kesh, but it was ultimately defeated after a long war.


The Emperor or Empress is the supreme ruler of Kesh.

Important positions include:

  • Master of Horses
  • Master of the Keep
  • Leader of the Royal Charioteers
  • Commander of the Inner Legion

Geography of the Empire of Great Kesh[edit]

  • Mountain ranges
    • The Peaks of Tranquility - mountain range of northeastern Great Kesh.
    • The Pillars of the Stars - mountain range in Great Kesh.
    • Trollhome Mountains
    • Eagles Eyrie Mountains - mountains in the north, stretching down to the Jal-Pur Desert.
    • The Guardians - mountain range that forms the border of Inner Kesh.
    • Girdle of Kesh - mountain range in southern Great Kesh that serves as a physical border with Lesser Kesh.
      • The Belt - mountains that make up the Girdle of Kesh.
      • The Clasp
    • Grimstone Mountains - mountain range in eastern Great Kesh, near the Great Sea.
    • Spires of Light - mountain range near the Imperial City of Kesh.
    • Peaks of Quor
    • Rainshadow Mountains
    • Mother of Waters - small mountain group in Kesh and source of the water for Overn Deep.
  • Forests
    • Dark Haven - a forest in Great Kesh.
    • The Green Reaches
  • Inland sea - Overn Deep - a great lake at the heart of the empire.
  • Desert - Jal-Pur Desert - a notorious desert of Great Kesh.

Cities and towns of the Empire of Great Kesh[edit]

  • Ahar - a city in Kesh, near Overn Deep.
  • Ashunta - City near the Girdle of Kesh. A favoured route for slavers and renegades.
  • Balinor - An Elvish fort amidst the peaks of Quor, home to the Anoredhel, the sun-elves.
  • Caralien - northern-most port on Overn Deep.
  • Durbin - home of the Imperial Governor of Great Kesh, on the coast of the Bitter Sea. Durbin boasts arable farmland and a safe harbour, which for years made it a haven for pirates. It still has this reputation among many Midkemians.
  • Elarial - westernmost city of Great Kesh, located on the shore of the Endless Sea.
  • Farafra - port on the Dragon Sea.
  • Hansule - port on the Great Sea.
  • Hattaresh - city near the Spires of Light on the bank of the River Same.
  • Ishlana - city near the forest of Dark Haven.
  • Jalome - a southern port on Overn Deep.
  • Jonril - a city south of the Green Reaches, and original of the name for the modern city of Jonril, near the Green Heart.
  • Kampari - city located between the Spires of Light and Peaks of Tranquility.
  • Kesh (also called the Imperial City of Kesh) - capital city of Great Kesh and one of the most ancient cities in Midkemia.
  • Khattars - city in central Kesh.
  • Kimri - port on the eastern side of Overn Deep at the mouth of the river that leads to the Great Sea.
  • LiMeth - city near the Straits of Darkness.
  • Nar Ayab - northernmost city in central Kesh.
  • Queral - town located on the Great Sea.
  • Ranom - port on the Bitter Sea.
  • Shing Lai - trading city on the coast of the Dragon Sea at the western end of the Girdle of Kesh.
  • Sunnom - port on the northeastern shore of Overn Deep.
  • Tupa - city on the southern shore of Overn Deep.
  • Wasra - eastern city of Great Kesh, near the Grimstone Mountains.
  • Zacara - major city in Great Kesh, near the forest of Dark Haven.

Ethnic Groups in Kesh[edit]

  • Keshian Truebloods, the original people of Kesh, dark-skinned and very proud.
  • Ashuntai also known as the Brotherhood of the Horse, plainsmen who treat all women as property.
  • Benedrifi hillpeople tribe of the Rainshadow mountains. Fair-skinned and reclusive.
  • Brijaners raiders and traders along the Great Sea to the East of Triagia.
  • Cosodi
  • Desertmen of the Jal-pur
  • Dingazi --cattle-herders
  • Isalani oriental people of Shing Lai and nearby territories.
  • Izmalis
  • Jajormir
  • Oshoni --lion hunters

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