The Enchanted Forest (film)

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The Enchanted Forest
Poster of the movie The Enchanted Forest.jpg
Directed byLew Landers
Produced byJack Schwarz
Written byJohn Lebar (story and screenplay)
Lou Brock
Robert Lee Johnson
Sam Neuman (adaptation)
StarringEdmund Lowe
Brenda Joyce
William Severn
Harry Davenport
Music byAlbert Hay Malotte
CinematographyMarcel Le Picard
Edited byRoy V. Livingston
Producers Releasing Corporation
Distributed byProducers Releasing Corporation
Release date
  • December 8, 1945 (1945-12-08)
Running time
78 minutes
CountryUnited States

The Enchanted Forest is a 1945 family film starring Edmund Lowe and Brenda Joyce, also featuring Harry Davenport as a hermit who finds and raises a young boy in a forest. The film and story served as the inspiration for a 1998 music composition/recording, "Enchanted Forest" by Loren Connors and Suzanne Langille. It was filmed in Cinecolor and released by Producers Releasing Corporation.


A hermit, Uncle John, communicates with animals and cares for the forest. He is at odds with a forester who wants to cut down all the trees, and wants any impediments (like Uncle John and the boy) removed.

The child, Jackie, had been washed downstream after a trainwreck in a storm. The mother, Anne, whose father owns the land, is told that the child must be dead, but she cannot quite believe it. When she visits her father, and walks in to the forest, the boy catches sight of her, and she catches a glimpse of him as well. Through a series of interactions, the mother and child are reunited, the forest is saved, and Uncle John is able to stay.



The film was photographed in Cinecolor. The incredible unsuspected success of the film led to several major studios filming their own movies in the process.[1]


The film was shot on locations in Humboldt County, California.[2]


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