The Encore Remix

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The Encore Remix
The Encore Remix.jpg
Remix album by Deion Sanders
Released 2005
Recorded 1995, 2005
Genre Rap
Length 65:28
Label Bungalo Records
Producer Dallas Austin
MC Hammer
Deion Sanders chronology
Prime Time
'The Encore Remix'

The Encore Remix is a remix album by Deion Sanders. The album was released in 2005 for Bungalo Records. It featured a remix for every song from Sander's first album Prime Time. The album featured the hit "Straight To My Feet", a duet with MC Hammer (which was not on the Prime Time album but on the 1994 Street Fighter soundtrack) and 2 versions of Sanders' song, "Must Be the Money".

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Prime Time Keeps on Ticking"- 4:12
  2. "Y U NV ME?" feat. Deuce Duece- 4:18
  3. "Must Be the Money (Prettyboy Remix)"- 4:10
  4. "It's All Real"- 4:28
  5. "2 Be Me"- 3:56
  6. "Say Hi to the Bad Guy"- 4:20
  7. "We Can Roll"- 4:13
  8. "House of Prime"- 4:09
  9. "It Ain't Over Yet"- 3:34
  10. "Movin'"- 3:53
  11. "Heidy Heidy Hey"- 4:05
  12. "Papa San"- 5:19
  13. "Sum'n About That Woman" feat. Show-N-Tell & Riddler- 4:51
  14. "It's On"- 3:57
  15. "Time for Prime"- 0:34
  16. "Straight to My Feet" feat. MC Hammer- 4:02
  17. "Must Be the Money (Original)"- 4:07