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Haggis and Charlie at the 2009 Glastonbury Festival.

Haggis and Charlie are a comedy juggling act formed in 1984 by Haggis McLeod and Charlie Dancey. They learned their skills together at the Walcot Village Hall juggling workshop in Bath, England.[citation needed] Their first performance was a busking show that took place on the waterfront of Bristol Docks.[citation needed] Haggis and Charlie performed regularly on the streets of Bath in their early years together.[citation needed] They have been seen almost every year at Glastonbury Festival and became something of a tradition at the Winchester Hat Fair.[citation needed]

They were also involved in a successful world record attempt on 26 June 1994 when 826 people, juggling at least three objects each, kept 2,478 objects in the air, at Glastonbury Festival.[1]

For a brief time the duo became a trio, when Pippa Tee joined the act, which was renamed Haggis & Chips (short for Haggis & Charlie & Pippa).[citation needed]

Haggis and Charlie are seen less frequently now, though they still, occasionally, make an appearance. Their publicity used to mention that, "it's not so much the dazzling display of devil-may-care dexterity - it's more the complete clash of personalities!"[2]

McLeod was married to Arabella Churchill, who assisted in founding and continuing the Glastonbury Festival.[3] Dancey is the author of a number of juggling and trick books including:

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