The End (UK band)

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The End
Genres Psychedelic pop[1]
Years active 1965 - 1970
Associated acts The Innocents
Past members Dave Brown
Colin Griffin
Nick Graham
John Horton
Hugh Atwooll

The End was a British psychedelic pop band formed in 1965 by Dave Brown (bass, vocals) and Colin Griffin (guitar, lead vocals) following the demise of The Innocents. Nick Graham (keyboards, vocals) and John Horton (saxophone) joined from Dickie Pride's backing group, The Original Topics, and Roger Groom (drums) of The Tuxedos completed the line-up. The band was produced by Rolling Stone Bill Wyman, who arranged for them to tour with his group. After the tour, Grooms quit and was replaced by Hugh Atwooll, an old friend of Graham. Horton would also quit, but continued to work with the band on their second single, "Shades of Orange". In 1969 the band released their only album, Introspection.[1]

They are not to be confused with the similarly named California band, who released two singles for Kabron Records in 1966/67.


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