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The English Cyclopaedia: A new dictionary of universal knowledge (London, 1854–1862, 4to, 23 vols., 12,117 pages; supplements, 1869–1873, 4 vols., 2858 pages), was published by Charles Knight, based on the Penny Cyclopaedia, of which he had the copyright. He was assisted by Alexander Ramsay[disambiguation needed] and James Thorne[disambiguation needed].[1]

It is in four divisions, each alphabetical, and very unequal:

  1. Geography (4 volumes and supplement)
  2. Natural history (4 volumes and supplement)
  3. Biography (with 703 lives of living persons; 6 volumes and supplement)
  4. Arts and sciences (8 volumes and supplement)

The synoptical index, 168 pages, has four columns on a page, one for each division, so that the order is alphabetical and yet the words are classed.

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