The English Gentleman

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The English Gentleman
The English Gentleman -Sutherland - cover 2001.jpg
Cover of 2001 edition
Author Douglas Sutherland
Country England
Language English
Genre Satire, humour
Publisher The Viking Press
Publication date
June 1978
Media type Print (hardback)
Pages 77
ISBN 978-0-670-29681-1

The English Gentleman (1978) is a humorous book written by Douglas Sutherland and illustrated by Timothy Jacques, with an introduction by Sir Iain Moncreiffe of that Ilk. The book acts as a satirical guide to the life of an English gentleman in various contexts, featuring such chapters as "The Gentleman at Play", "The Gentleman at War", and "The Gentleman and the Opposite Sex".

The foreword for The English Gentleman states,

Ever since the nineteenth century and long before that for all I know, there has been a regular stream of little books designed to help those who desire to be part of the upper classes. In the past these books have been written by men and women, largely for women, and concerned with such profundities as how to address a Duke or an Archbishop, or what to do with your fingerbowl. It has always been assumed that the most desirable position in the world is to be accepted as a lady or gentleman. It was assumed by many from Jane Austen to Daphne du Maurier that it is the surest way to happiness and possibly even to eternal salvation. This book, I hope, is different in that it is the first one to be written by a man, almost exclusively for men. It examines what makes or breaks the gentleman and leaves it to the reader to decide whether he wishes to be part of the upper classes or not. It is also hoped that this volume will be helpful to ladies who wish to be able to recognize the gentleman when they meet one, and to let them know what they are in for should they be reckless enough to marry one. — D.S.

Each of the fourteen chapters gives tongue-in-cheek descriptions of the life of an English gentleman.