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The English Intelligencer was a literary magazine/newsletter founded and edited by the poets Andrew Crozier and Peter Riley. It played a key role in the emergence of many of the poets associated with the British Poetry Revival. Consciously conceived as an attempt to unite a British avant-garde in response to similar developments in the United States.

The Intelligencer was circulated to a mailing list of British poets. The number of correspondents varied between 25 and 65, with a constant core of about a dozen. It was mimeographed and appeared roughly every three weeks, with the total run amounting to 36 issues between January 1966 and April 1968. The poets and writers who contributed and/or corresponded with the Intelligencer included Tom Raworth, Douglas Oliver, Lee Harwood, Jim Burns, Tom Pickard, Elaine Feinstein, Barry MacSweeney, John James, J. G. Ballard, Donald Davie, J. H. Prynne, John Riley, C. H. Sisson, Chris Torrance, Gael Turnbull, Jeff Nuttall.

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