The English Roses

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This article is about the 2003 picture book. For other uses, see English Rose.
The English Roses
The English Roses book cover (first edition)
Author Madonna
Illustrator Jeffrey Fulvimari
Country United States
United Kingdom
Language English
Series The English Roses
Subject Moral
Publisher Callaway
Publication date
September 15, 2003
Media type
Pages 48
ISBN 978-0-670-03678-3
Followed by The English Roses: Too Good to be True

The English Roses is a 2003 children's picture book written by American entertainer Madonna and illustrated by Jeffrey Fulvimari, which later became a series of children's books by both artists. The books are about the life of five schoolgirls in London and their problems.


The English Roses is about the lives of four girls — Charlotte, Amy, Grace and Nicole — who become jealous of a girl called Binah. They believe that her life is perfect, and are jealous of her for it, but Binah is lonely. Binah's mother died when she was young and she lives with her father in a small house where she cooks and cleans for a living. Binah has no friends but the English Roses think she must be popular, rich and spoiled but she really isn't like that.


This is Madonna's first children's book. The picture book was published by Callaway Editions on 15 September 2003 simultaneously in more than 100 countries and in 30 languages.[1]


In 2006, Madonna went on to write more about the English Roses. The English Roses: Too Good to be True is another picture book but illustrated this time by Stacey Peterson instead of Jeffrey Fulvimari (the only exception in the series). The hardcover first edition was published by Callaway on 24 October 2006. The friendship of the five girls is tested as a new charming student arrives.[2][3][4][5][6][7]


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