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The Enough Moment: Fighting to End Africa's Worst Human Rights Crimes
The Enough Moment.JPG
Author John Prendergast
Don Cheadle
Cover artist Finbarr O'Reilly (photo)
Country United States
Language English
Subject Human rights
Published September 7, 2010 Random House
Media type Softback
Pages 304
ISBN 978-0-307-46482-8 (0-307-46482-2)

The Enough Moment: Fighting to End Africa's Worst Human Rights Crimes is the second book co-authored by actor Don Cheadle, and co-founder of the Enough Project and human rights activist, John Prendergast. Cheadle and Prendergast's first book, Not On Our Watch: The Mission to End Genocide in Darfur and Beyond, was published in 2007.

Release and Sales[edit]

The Enough Moment details the efforts of both famous and unknown citizen activists, referred to as “Upstanders,” as they work to combat genocide, sexual violence, and child soldierdom in Africa.[1] The book aims to further fuel public demand for an end to the genocide in the Darfur region of Sudan, the sexual violence in Congo resulting from the deadly trade in conflict minerals, and child soldier recruitment in northern Uganda. The book offers harrowing accounts of how victims of these atrocities have found the strength to help other survivors.[2] The book also describes the actions that U.S. citizens have taken to aid those suffering from human rights abuses and provides practical ways in which ordinary citizens can get involved and make a difference. The book was published by Random House on September 7, 2010.[1]

Celebrity Testimonies and Interviews[edit]

Many celebrity "Upstanders" contributed to The Enough Moment. The list includes:


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