The Entity (South Park)

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"The Entity"
South Park episode
Episode no. Season 5
Episode 11
Directed by Trey Parker
Written by Trey Parker
Production code 511
Original air date November 21, 2001
Episode chronology
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"How to Eat with Your Butt"
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"Here Comes the Neighborhood"
South Park (season 5)
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"The Entity" is the eleventh episode of the fifth season of the animated television series South Park, and 76th episode of the series overall. "The Entity" originally aired in the United States on November 21, 2001 on Comedy Central. This episode introduces Kyle's cousin Kyle. Creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone have stated the story was inspired by the Segway PT and the general chaotic nature of airports at the time of the production, shortly following 9/11.[1]


Kyle's cousin, Kyle Schwartz from Connecticut, comes to live in South Park due to his mother's ailing health back at home. While Kyle is initially excited about seeing his cousin for the first time, he is shocked to see that he is an overlystereotyped version of a Jew, wearing his hair in a style similar to Woody Allen, and has a lot of irritating characteristics (e.g. he is constantly complaining about everything, highly sensitive to the dryness of the air, allergic to most meats excluding fish, and penny-pinching in nature). To make matters worse for Kyle, he is nicknamed "Kyle 2" by his mother and his cousin is still called "Kyle". Kyle is told by his mother to take care of his cousin. Kyle, fearing that Cartman, a staunch anti-Semite, will "tear this kid apart", attempts to bribe Cartman with $40 to not make fun of him. Cartman, wanting the bribe, struggles to avoid mocking Kyle's cousin, only to blow it spectacularly when he makes a concentration camp joke in class (after Kyle's cousin had been told to "concentrate" by Mrs. Choksondik). The boys, especially Kyle (who fears that he might turn into a stereotype just like his cousin) eventually decide that Kyle's cousin is just too annoying to live in South Park with them. Much of this episode then goes on to have the boys constantly trying to get rid of Kyle Schwartz, by tying him to the back of a bus to Connecticut while he is on a sled, tricking him onto a plane to Antarctica (at which point Kenny is mistaken for a terrorist and shot through the head) and sending him into the forest. However, Kyle Schwartz always finds a way to come back to South Park, each time proclaiming "I'm back!" (as for instance, a bear from the forest brings him back home, instead of eating him).

John Travolta riding "IT"

Meanwhile, Mr. Garrison, tired of the inefficient and frustrating airline check-ins, decides to invent his own vehicle. Inspired by watching singer Enrique Iglesias' sexualized singing on TV and by gyroscopes, he invents the gyroscope-powered monowheel "IT". "IT" can go up to two hundred miles per hour, and gets three hundred miles to the gallon. The only problem is that "IT" is controlled by a quite painful and uncomfortable method; using four "flexi-grip handles" that somewhat resemble erect penises; two held in the hands, one in the mouth, and a fourth handle which is inserted into the anus. It also transpires that the vehicle can be operated with buttons too, making the phallus-like controls an unnecessary discomfort. Garrison invites many important investors such as Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Yasmine Bleeth to see how "IT" works. Despite this unorthodox control mechanism (which is uncomfortable to the citizens of South Park), "IT" is still considered better than the airlines and Garrison is a smashing success. Even aviation enthusiast John Travolta decides that "IT" beats dealing with the airline companies. The airport is now fully deserted and yet the airline industry's inefficiency is, if anything, amplified by the lack of people in the airport.

The government decides to bail out the airlines from going under because of "IT". To ensure the airlines' dominance as a mode of transport and the job security of everyone working for it, the government ends up outlawing "IT" and makes using it a criminal act, even though, according to Garrison's protests and admitted by one of the arresting agents, it is the airline industry's own fault that it is doing so badly. Garrison throws a tantrum. As a result, Kyle's cousin, who had invested in "IT", gets a $5 million bailout payment and decides to return home to Connecticut to take care of his sick mother. After hearing of this great fortune, the boys suddenly change their plan and try to get him to stay in South Park, but he rejects them for being such "douchebags" and "stereotypical rednecks". The boys are disappointed that they'll never get a chance to share the money, a situation for which Cartman blames Kyle.


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