The Epic of Everest

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The Epic of Everest
The Epic of Everest poster.jpg
UK re-release poster
Directed byJ. B. L. Noel
StarringAndrew Irvine, George Mallory
Running time
87 minutes

The Epic of Everest is a 1924 documentary about the Mallory and Irvine Mount Everest expedition. After a digital restoration in 2013, the film was re-released in UK cinemas.[1]

"Captain John Noel was the official photographer on the 1924 British Expedition to Mount Everest, famed for the tragic loss of mountaineers, George Mallory and Andrew Irvine. Noel was an adventurous explorer who had tried but failed to get to Everest through Tibet in 1913. It is this centenary that the BFI is celebrating with the restoration of his film, which Noel financed himself and released as The Epic of Everest in 1924. He toured extensively around the world, lecturing with the film footage and beautiful colour slides.[2]"

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