The Essential Journey

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The Essential Journey
The Essential Journey.jpg
Greatest hits album by Journey
Released October 16, 2001
Recorded 1977–1996
Genre Hard rock, arena rock
Length 128:56
Label Columbia/Sony
Journey chronology
The Essential Journey
Red 13
(2002)Red 132002
Professional ratings
Review scores
Allmusic4.5/5 stars[1]

The Essential Journey is a compilation of songs from the rock band Journey. Released on October 16, 2001, it is part of Sony BMG's "Essential" series of compilation albums. The album includes most of Journey's major and minor hits that have charted on Billboard Hot 100. It covers material recorded while Steve Perry was lead singer of the band, from the album Infinity of 1978 to 1996's Trial by Fire, neglecting Journey albums recorded before and after his membership. The first disc is Greatest Hits with some minor changes concerning tracks being in a different order and "After the Fall" replacing "Be Good to Yourself".

The Essential Journey was certified as Platinum in the United States on February 2, 2005,[2] and has sold 1,156,000 copies in the US as of August 2013.[3] It has attained double platinum status as of 2017, per the RIAA.

Track listing[edit]

Disc 1
No.TitleWriter(s)Original albumLength
1."Only the Young"Jonathan Cain, Neal Schon, Steve PerryVision Quest soundtrack, 19854:05
2."Don't Stop Believin'"Cain, N. Schon, S. PerryEscape, 19814:09
3."Wheel in the Sky"Diane Valory, N. Schon, Robert FleischmanInfinity, 19784:13
4."Faithfully"S. Perry, N. Schon, CainFrontiers, 19834:26
5."Any Way You Want It"N. Schon, S. PerryDeparture, 19803:22
6."Ask the Lonely"Cain, S. PerryTwo of a Kind soundtrack, 19833:54
7."Who's Crying Now"Cain, S. PerryEscape5:01
8."Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)"Cain, S. PerryFrontiers5:26
9."Lights"N. Schon, S. PerryInfinity3:10
10."Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin'"S. PerryEvolution, 19793:54
11."Open Arms"Cain, S. PerryEscape3:19
12."Girl Can't Help It"Cain, N. Schon, S. PerryRaised on Radio, 19863:50
13."Send Her My Love"Cain, S. PerryFrontiers3:55
14."When You Love a Woman"Cain, N. Schon, S. PerryTrial by Fire, 19964:08
15."I'll Be Alright Without You"Cain, N. Schon, S. PerryRaised on Radio4:34
16."After the Fall"Cain, S. PerryFrontiers5:01
Disc 2
No.TitleWriter(s)Original albumLength
1."Chain Reaction"Cain, N. Schon, S. PerryFrontiers4:20
2."Message of Love"Cain, N. Schon, S. Perry, John BettisTrial by Fire5:34
3."Somethin' to Hide"N. Schon, S. PerryInfinity3:30
4."Line of Fire" (Live)N. Schon, S. PerryCaptured, 1981; originally from Departure3:18
5."Anytime"Gregg Rolie, Roger Silver, N. Schon, Fleischman, Ross ValoryInfinity3:28
6."Stone in Love"Cain, N. Schon, S. PerryEscape4:25
7."Patiently"N. Schon, S. PerryInfinity3:22
8."Good Morning Girl"N. Schon, S. PerryDeparture1:44
9."The Eyes of a Woman"Cain, N. Schon, S. PerryRaised on Radio4:33
10."Be Good to Yourself"Cain, N. Schon, S. PerryRaised on Radio3:52
11."Still They Ride"Cain, N. Schon, S. PerryEscape3:49
12."Baby I'm a Leavin' You"Cain, N. Schon, S. PerryTrial by Fire2:47
13."Mother, Father"Cain, Matt Schon, N. Schon, S. PerryEscape5:28
14."Just the Same Way"Rolie, N. Schon, R. ValoryEvolution3:18
15."Escape"Cain, N. Schon, S. PerryEscape5:17
16."The Party's Over (Hopelessly in Love)"S. PerryCaptured3:41
Disc 3 – Limited Edition 3.0 version only
No.TitleWriter(s)Original albumLength
1."Don't Stop Believin'" (Live at The Summit, Houston, Texas, 11/6/1981)Cain, N. Schon, PerryLive in Houston 1981: The Escape Tour, 20054:15
2."Stone in Love" (Live at The Summit, Houston, Texas, 11/6/1981)Cain, N. Schon, PerryLive in Houston 1981: The Escape Tour5:14
3."When I Think of You"Cain, PerryTrial by Fire4:20
4."Suzanne"Cain, PerryRaised on Radio3:38
5."Walks Like a Lady"Perry[4]Departure3:16
6."Feeling That Way"Rolie, Perry, Aynsley DunbarInfinity3:28
7."Mother, Father" (Live at The Summit, Houston, Texas, 11/6/1981)Cain, M. Schon, N. Schon, S. PerryLive in Houston 1981: The Escape Tour5:25
8."I Can See It in Your Eyes"Cain, N. Schon, S. PerryTrial by Fire4:13